Saturday, 9 February 2013

Digital Cultures of the future

Utophian Views of Adverts

Education is interactive, blurring the lines between reality and augmented reality. Most of all education if fun.
Ask any child whether they’d prefer that type of education envisaged in the adverts to sitting in a classroom. Communication is instant, ubiquitous, always on. Following the trend from where communication has come from technologically, this seems like a natural progression. The view of the future of technology shown in these adverts is obviously utopian, where everyone is happy, the technology being one of the causes of this happiness. Deterministic view again!




Dystopian View

To me The 3rd clip “sight” has the same theme as the adverts, that of “augmented reality”, except that it takes a more dystopian view, where the game becomes more important than the real life social situation. The technology is directing the actions of the “player”, so is the real life interaction any more real than if this were a online artificial relationship? With Google Glass and a few other similar inventions this clip doesn’t seem that far off and has definitely caused me to question my utopian view of future digital cultures as well as to think more about gamification of education.

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