Sunday, 30 December 2012

That wasn't so bad!

You're never too old to learn!

The start of a new year and time to learn something new! Two months ago I'd never even heard of a MOOC or quadblogging, now here I am about to start my first blog in anticipation of the University of Edinburgh's Massive Online Open Course on E-learning and Digital Cultures. What a mouthful! EDCMOOC for short.

It seems like an excellent MOOC to start with, considering what a fantastic support group and community we already have, and the course doesn't even start until 28th Jan!

I'm a lecturer from South Africa - hence the beautiful beach and sunset shown alongside. Really looking forward to this!


  1. Congrats, Paula! Such a beautiful photograph, too. I love the way it sets the stage for a new year of being in the world--a horizon with infinite possibilities.

  2. So happy to meet you Paula. I am on online instructor in America and am very excited to learn much more about the social and educational usage of digital information. I love your sunset. You are inspirational!