Thursday, 3 January 2013

What "deuze" digital culture mean?

Since this is part of the title of the course, I am following Dan's suggestion that we explore this topic and found it's not as easy as I orginally thought to define digital culture.
Digital culture is a complex term, involving different aspects of media, communication and IT. In my research I found one of the leading authorities to be Mark Deuze. He talks about 3 cornerstones of digital culture, which made sense to me:
"In the proliferation and saturation of screen-based, networked, and digital media that saturate our lives, our reconstitution is expressed as:
 1. Active agents in the process of meaning-making (we become participants).
 2. We adopt but at the same time modify, manipulate, and thus reform consensual ways of understanding reality (we engage in remediation).
3. We reflexively assemble our own particular versions of such reality (we are bricoleurs)"
This is what I understand by these three concepts:

  Improved and increased volumes of global communication produce a more participatory culture, where audiences are active participants in creating and disseminating meaning, and virtual communities, like Facebook, are producers and consumers of media. 

The mix of old and new media "means being deeply immersed in the system while at the same time attributing legitimacy and credibility to a self-definition of working against or outside of the system, as well as reforming the system from within"
Repurposing and reusing existing items, assembling and reassembling information and media. "remixing, reconstructing and re-using of separate artefacts, actions, ideas, signs, symbols and styles in order to create new insights or meanings."
It took a while to go through Deuze's paper but I now feel I have a deeper understanding of the theorectical underpinnings of:




  1. Hi Paula, I'm Willa group #2 quad blogger.I liked your post and appreciate your effort. I now have a deeper understanding to what digital culture is AND a new vocabulary word, "bricolage" Now I just have to go and look up how to pronounce it. :)

    1. Thanks Willa, I enjoyed your blog too, your quadblog seems very active! BTW "bricolage" rhymes with "ancorage" ;)

  2. HI Paula, I'm Willa's fellow #2 quadblogger. (Hi Willa!) Thanks for the definitions, and the reference. Did you see our wallwisher?

    I think we all had a bit of a guess about what digital culture might mean. I am sure we will learn many aspects of it and perhaps multiple definitions very soon! Angela

    1. Thanks for that, I haven't used Wallwisher yet and it was great to see everyone's views on digital culture.

  3. What I like is just how visual your explanation is! Nice job!