Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Quadblogging and RSS feeds


The idea of a quadblog is for a group of people to write and comment on each other's blogs. As the name suggests it's usually 4 people blogging and in our case, it's 4 classmates from the elearning and digital cultures MOOC . My fellow quadbloggers are: Dan Lemay, Sarah Prentice and Brooke Hessler

Our facebook group for the course is where I first heard of the concept and there I found a useful link that explains the origins and more about quadblogging.

RSS Feeds

Having received the first email from the course organisers (since the original course email) I saw the request to add RSS feeds from student's blogs. I have subscribed to many RSS feeds before, mainly to do with tech news. I also subscribe for my students, depending on what course they are studying, which varies from public relations to sport to commerce. I teach all of these students some form of Information Technology so showing them the benefits of tech using something like RSS feeds makes sense. However I've never considered creating content before. This brings up many interesting possibilities beyond this course and is certainly something to consider on the future. Anything to benefit my students! 


  1. Not part of your quad group, but I have been checking out every tenth blog listed in the FB document and found yours. Be interested in if the quadblogging helps ... I have been using it with my blogging students for the past year.

  2. Hi Britt, our quadblog isn't very active, but I have seen other quadblogs created for this course be very active. I guess it's luck of the draw. Thanks for the feedback!